Mick O'Brien - Kitty Lie Over

Mick O'Brien - Kitty Lie Over

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Kitty Lie Over - Mick O'Brien

kitty lie over is the new album from Mick O'Brien and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh.
It contains 15 tracks of traditional music from Ireland on uilleann pipes, fiddle and whistles.

Chosen as the NO.1 ALBUM OF 2003 by Earle Hitchner

The following is taken from his 'Ceol' column in the IRISH ECHO
devoted to the top 10 Irish traditional albums of 2003.

The uilleann piping of Dublin's Mick O'Brien first earned international recognition
through his teenage performances on two late '70s recordings, "The Piper's Rock"
and "The Flags of Dublin." In 1996, he issued a superb solo debut, "May Morning Dew,"
that finished in the Irish Echo's list of top 10 albums.

Now comes "Kitty Lie Over," a duet album with fellow Dublin-born musician
Caoimhin O Raghallaigh that surpasses O'Brien's earlier achievements.
In Ó Raghallaigh, O'Brien has found a fiddler whose style is an ideal
match to his tonally rich, expressive chanter, regulator, and drone
work. This is much more than two talented instrumentalists getting
together in the studio for some tunes. They've carefully worked out the
repertoire (much of it drawn from Sliabh Luachra), arrangements, pitch
(B or B-flat), and harmonies that allow them to truly marry their
instruments, one complementing and extending and bolstering the other.

Ó Raghallaigh is himself an accomplished uilleann piper and pipemaker,
so his pipes-like style and reflexes on fiddle add immeasurably to his duets with O'Brien.

The 11 pipes-and-fiddle tracks are wondrous, with "Woman of the House/Rolling in the Ryegrass"
a shining example of this interplay, and there are also some tantalizing whistle and fiddle-and-whistle duets.

Hands down (or should I say up?), this is the most impressive Irish traditional instrumental CD of 2003
and one of the best in many years.

Published on January 21, 2004, in the IRISH ECHO newspaper in New York City.
Copyright © Earle Hitchner. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of author.

"There's a spirit and high kick to this music that's not too often captured
in the studio...A niftier mood enhancer than any drug therapy"

Siobhán Long, The Irish Times, Thursday 14.08.2003

In this album they have made one of the finest recordings
of the year...It's beautiful music with a great swing to it.
...the whole is blissfully free of percussive guitar or
bodhrán, which gives it a lovely old-fashioned feel.
It's actually indispensible.

Claddagh Records website

Mick O'Brien and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh - both skilled and sensitive musicians
- have delved into the past and located a selection of musical gems,
all of which have come up sparkling!

Peter Browne, RTÉ producer

From beginning to end Kitty Lie Over is an absolute joy.
The technique is effortless; the tempo is steady and unhurried.
They understand the importance of a sense of joy and magic.

Pat Ahern, Irish Examiner, Thursday 21.08.2003

It's an album you can take at many levels, the gloriously tight duet work,
the absence of accompanists, tunes played at a good lick without making the
CD player smoke, drawing you into the magical world of the
older more melodic tradition.

There's another welcome addition to this album: the subtle "nyah" or
note bending that was a common feature of Irish music in the past,
before furious ensemble playing reduced the
music to a torrent of blurred water.

Sean Laffey, Irish Music Magazine October 2003

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