Note from Michael- International Customers. Please read this before you order.

 Update August 10, 2020- Regarding orders from International Customers 

COVID 19 has caused major delays in some countries.

Domestic deliveries and shipments to Canada are not severely affected and will be delivered within normal lead times in most cases.

Shipments to Australia and Japan have seen moderate delays.
Other destinations are quite variable in delivery times with normal 2-3 week deliveries taking 2-3 times or more normal times. We have had a few delays as long as 12 weeks, though that is uncommon.
When you order, please be informed that we cannot properly estimate the time of delivery though nearly all packages arrive safely, even if delayed.
As long as you can be patient, you can expect to receive your order eventually and sometimes sooner rather than later.
When you order, please be prepared to be patient and you will be rewarded in the end. We will make sure that you cannot lose any money either way.
Priority and Express Mail are also sometimes affected, though they may be faster in many cases- we cannot guarantee that.

I am also assure our customers that we are taking measures to protect them.
My whistles windways are always cleansed with a detergent solution and  is wiped down with 91% isopropyl alcohol. 
We faithfully practice the Federal mitigation guidelines as well.
You can be certain that the whistles you receive from us are sterile and safe.
All the best, 
Michael Burke

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