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Note: This option should be added when selecting the whistle, not on this page. This page is for explanation of the option only.

This is an option that allows a player to have a no compromise flattened 7th on any whistle we make.

The thumb hole is located between the top two toneholes on the back of the instrument.

The thumbhole, for example- gives a perfect C natural on a D whistle and the note overblows accurately, allowing very good tuning for playing in G major on a D whistle.

It is played by covering only the top tonehole and lifting the thumb off the thumb hole. If the thumb hole is kept covered, the whistles plays exactly like any 6 holed standard whistle.

It can be added at purchase or returned later to be added any time. If added at purchase, it is $15.00 and if added later, it is $25 plus shipping